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Talent Concept

Talent Concept



Talent standard: attitude x ability x effort

The company emphasizes that human capital appreciation is superior to financial capital appreciation, and human resource management must support the company's future vision, mission and competitive advantage.

● Attitude is the first. Positive attitudes include: fairness, honesty, cheerfulness, courage, modesty, kindness, self-denial, altruism, etc. It is the presentation of individual values; if the attitude is negative, nothing can be said.

● Competence refers to the innate intelligence and physical strength, which is the inner part of the person, and can also be promoted through the efforts of the day after tomorrow;

●Efforts also vary from person to person. Doing a lazy man who is full of food and doing nothing, or a model of self-forgetting work, will inevitably be different.


Organizational values

Employees are the company's most important resource. Without the hard work of the employees, the vision is always a dream.

●Our values emphasize “customer-centered, adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship”. The measurement of talents is guided by the results of responsibility, breaking through the development boundaries of employees, and everything depends on contribution and ability. “The prime minister must start from the state, and will be sent to the Death

● Regarding innovation, we constantly “explore”, encourage “trial and error”, embrace change, and make innovation everywhere;

● We open the boundaries of the organization, blast the talent pyramid, constantly absorb the power from the outside, and dialogue and cooperation with all parties.

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